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I love you, baby <3

I love YOU! <3

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So my girlfriend was showing me her birth certificate. She was born on Aug. 3rd, 1990, but she didn’t actually get her certificate until July 11, 1991. My 2nd birthday. Clearly, this is another sign we’re meant to be. <3

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So, I graduated from my college program. I am officially a “Network Specialist” with mass amounts of programming jammed inside my poor, tired head. I went to school for 3 years straight, with no summer break and drove myself crazy with work at the same time. However, I guess my work was rewarding because it was assisting a blind man with computer skills and things of that nature and tutoring freshmen. ANYWAY, I’M A GRADUATE YAY.

So now, I’m taking a well deserved 6 month break from thinking, working, school, everything, to focus on getting healthy. While living at Seneca @ York I managed to gain over 80lbs. I know, I know, I’m ashamed of the amount of takeout and binge eating nights I had, but I’m back in track. In the last 3 weeks I have lost 20lbs and I plan on losing another 40 before January. How, you say? I’ve restricted my diet to 1500 calories a day and I’m going to start running and training to do a 5k. I know it’s going to be slow going but according to weight loss calculators, even if I don’t work out, I can lose 40lbs in 14 weeks by being sedentary. Anyway, yay for self healing and getting my priorities worked out. I need to lose this weight, mostly because I’ve found something to live for. Before I met Sarah, I truly didn’t care what I put in my body or how much weight I gained and I actually found it funny that I was tipping 350 on scales. However, thinking about my future with her and what might happen to her heart if I died, that just kills me so onward and upward I say. Let’s do this! 

This leaves me at another very important point. I am going to stay with my girl for as long as possible and I’m going to be her little housewife and do everything I can to make her smile until she MOVES TO CANADA FOR ME AND FOR GRADSCHOOL. Can you believe it? God, if you had known me 6 months before now you would know that I was a bit of a relationship-phobe and a bit of a whore when it came to making out/sleeping with people. But yeah, I’m in love, proudly and I’m ready to give my all to this amazing woman who is most definitely my soul mate. I will be leaving behind family and friends for a while, but you should all know that you are important to me. Every single one of the people in my life have touched me in some way and I am so happy to be where I am today.

I’m getting on a plane in 6 days. In 6 days my life with her starts for real. I am the happiest girl alive. I have changed for the better. <3 

First of all, congratulations to my baby for graduating school :D And with honors! Truly, she is an amazing, talented, and intelligent woman, and I know she’ll nail a job she loves when the time comes for her to find one.

And I cannot express how proud I am of her for keeping strong and staying focused no matter what has come her way so far. From the beginning and forever more, I am with her every step of the way to support and encourage. I am also going to aim to eat healthier and get more fit, so I can continue to do things I love, such as airsoft, and find more things I’d like to do (with Holly especially <3), like marathons, hiking/camping, quidditch (maybe XD) and biking.

On top of all that, my darling is coming to live here with me for 6 months until I go to grad school. I have applied to the masters of library science programs at University of Toronto and University of Western Ontario; however, I am hoping to get into the second more so. She’ll be here to help me get my study visa and drive back up to Canada with me when the time comes to move up there.

Holly came into my life not a day too soon. She truly had changed my life for the better. I don’t talk about it much, but I am a person who has grand plans that I hardly follow through. I wanted a future, but I had no motivation to get there. I dropped out of computer science not just because I didn’t like it, but it was too hard for me to want to try. I would have just settled working at my current job (a dog day care) and being stuck in Wilmington for the rest of my life. But now, I have a life to look forward to. A life with Holly at my side. And this is the first thing I’ve truly and ecstatically looked forward to in years. Holly has made me the happiest I’ve been in ages, since I was an innocent kid who didn’t know any better. She loves me unconditionally as I love her. She is a beautiful, perfect, kind, funny, and wonderful woman. She is my soulmate, and there is not a single doubt in my mind that we are meant to be.

My ultimate goal is to reach permanent residence in Canada and eventually get dual-citizenship. And maybe we’ll stay in Ontario. Maybe we’ll be go to BC. Who knows where we’ll end up? All I know is that Holly Joanne is the woman I want to spend my life with, and wherever we end up will be perfect <3 I love you, darling. I can’t wait to see you next week.

Side note, I can actually PICK HER UP from the airport MYSELF because I FINALLY got my license. Legal driver with a brand new car. Oh yeah! I get to drive my love around and take her on cute dates. You better get ready, Holly ;)

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man would i love to live in canada. They even got the marijuana leaf on their flag

but its a maple leaf

thats the fckin marijuana leaf. Getting high just looking at it

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Completely plausible.


Completely plausible.

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